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Guy Capoeman, Quinault Nation

Carver, Canoe Maker, Painter, Designer
Email: or
Phone: 360-590-0812 or 360-590-0101
Facebook/Instagram: @capoemanarts

Guy Capoeman is the owner of Capoeman Arts, a family run artistry business that specializes in Quinault/Coast Salish style arts. With partners, brother Jeff Capoeman and son, Cecil Capoeman, Capoeman Arts aspires to carry on their culture and heritage. Guy’s art is a prominent in and around his communities. You can find Guy’s piece, “Title,” printed at Queets Custom.

Douglas James, Quinault Nation

Carver, Painter, Fine Artist
In the news

Douglas James discovered his love of art while attending the Chemawa Indian School in Oregon. Inspired by teachers and family members, including his cousin Guy Capoeman and Uncle Randy Capoeman, Doug’s work is primarily carved Salish designs. His art has been featured at the Suquamish Museum. You can find Doug’s piece, “Title,” printed at Queets Custom.

Ezekiel (Zeke) Serrano, Quinault Nation

Ezekiel (Zeke) Serrano grew up in Hoquiam with three brothers and one sister. While practicing art began as a hobby of Zeke’s, when his work gained recognition by his community Zeke took on his creative and cultural endeavors of painting and woodcarving as a professional.  His traditional Quinault art style speaks to the stories and experiences of those in his community while also uplifting his individual expression. Zeke has carved several painted hunting paddles and ceremonial masks. You can find Zeke’s piece, “Title,” printed at Queets Custom.

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